Turn Your Bathroom Into a Luxury Retreat

Turn Your Bathroom Into a Luxury Retreat

Did you read that right? Yes, you did! You may be wondering, “How can I turn my bathroom into a Luxury Retreat?” It doesn’t matter if your bathroom is big or small, you can do it! It’s real easy if you think about it. You just have to get the main essentials and enjoy them whenever you feel the need to escape! Here’re a few steps I will start you off with: (All the items mentioned below including candles can found at Scents of Joy)

Have a basket with towels to wrap yourself with rolled up “Spa Style” (If your bathroom is too small for a basket to be placed in a certain area, no worries, a closet or under the cabinet will do)

Place your favorite scented candles in all the areas you want them to be (like surrounding the tub, on the counters, and shelves)

If you want an awesome Spa Quote on the wall, you can order those from Amazon to add that amazing touch

Have a basket filled with all of the Spa goodies you’ve gotten from your favorite store (Scents of Joy of course!! ) This basket will consist of Bath & Foot Salts to soak in, Moisturizing Bath Bombs to help detoxify your body while leaving your skin silky soft, Exfoliating Sugar Scrubs to remove dead skin cells from your body for a natural healthy glow while creating smooth touchable skin, Soap Bars to extra clean and hydrate skin, Moisturizing Body Butter, Sensual Body Lotion, and Sensual Body Mist layering your skin to an all over Scents of Joy Experience! Don’t forget to add the rose petals and your favorite champagne or wine!

It’s your turn now! How would you “Turn your bathroom into a Luxury Treat?”

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