Customized Re-Infusable Vehicle Air Freshener


Create your own spa experience

Create your own Spa Experience

Customized Re-Infusable Vehicle Air Freshener


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Create your very own air freshener with a photo of yourself, kids, family, your favorite sports themed, etc. It comes already infused with either Pineapple Coconut or Cool Water. (More scents coming soon) and also with a small bottle to re-infuse it when you noticed the scent has died down. The infused Air Freshener lasts up to a week. Once you barely smell it, spray it about 2 times and your good to go a little longer. Once you don’t smell it at all in your vehicle and you room out of spray, you can use it as a keepsake! Then order more! 🙂


**When ordering, just put which scent you want in the comment section at checkout (Pineapple Coconut or Cool Water) Then also put the theme you want as well. If you want a photo one it, please send picture to 225-264-4014. You will get a text for confirmation to make sure your order is correct. You will also get another text showing you product before it has been mailed. If you have any questions before you want to order, please text the number above with your name and question.


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